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Based in Liverpool, and established in 2008, Mayfly Internet Marketing is a young & dynamic, yet well established Internet and SEO Liverpool marketing agency in Liverpool. Between our team of designers, developers & marketers, we have a wealth of knowledge, passion, and many years of sitting behind a screen getting things done! No jargon, no bamboozling with technical nonsense, just straight talking, polite and well informed professionals.

We don’t specialise in any particular industry, our web & marketing services have been used for all types of markets, nor do we only work with businesses in Liverpool or Merseyside. We have clients all over the UK from London to the Highlands of Scotland, and worldwide with businesses in New Jersey, USA, Germany, Italy & Australia. You will notice that we don’t mention a sales team as part of Mayfly, that’s because we don’t have one. All of our work comes through our own website, and more importantly to us, from existing clients’ referrals. This is extremely gratifying knowing that the work that we do for our clients is work that they would like their friends, family members & business associates to also benefit from.

Vacancies at Mayfly

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals whether you are a designer, programmer or marketer. If you feel can step up to the mark then please enquire below:

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