A new EU cookie law was introduced on the 26th May 2011, and although this was passed largely without a fuss, the 12 month grace period to make sure all websites comply is almost upon us.

Some would argue that this is a pointless new legislation, but non-compliance can lead to very heavy fines!

Come the 26th May, you will notice lots, probably not all, of websites will start asking your permission to use ‘cookies’ on their website. For many websites, we think that this will lead to many people clicking off the website as users will have no idea what they are agreeing to.

Cookies are small text files that are used for all sorts of things on websites from tracking users (for Google Analytics purposes, but also more advanced tracking uses), remembering your login details, for sites such as Facebook, but also for remembering your details when making a website purchase or completing an enquiry form.

Cookies really are essential to how websites work, so what does this new law require?

For more information on this, read our Franchise World article where we have written a more in-depth article on this EU cookie law.

In a nutshell, you will need to carry out an audit on your site to see what cookies are being used, then decide whether all of these are required. The final step is to then tell all of your website visitors what the cookies are used for, and they will need agree to these being used. The crazy thing about this is if a user understands what a cookie is in the first place but don’t agree to them used on your site, the site probably won’t function correctly!

Useful Info:

Find what cookies your site uses with the Chrome Cookie Detection Tool

Information Commissioners – these will be enforcing the law.

Our Franchise World article.