OK, they haven’t quite spent as much as Real Madrid this summer on new signings, but with the additions of Messrs Barry, Tevez, Adebayor & Santa Cruz, you would think that they’ll be able to mount a serious challenge to the Premier League’s ‘big four’? Nothing is guaranteed in football, especially when you sign superstars (see Newcastle United & Michael Owen – sorry geordies!), however, one of Manchester City’s less talked about summer signings has been the new mcfc.co.uk website.

Costing a Ferrari or so less than a million pounds, and hardly registering on the expenses spreadsheet, this is an expensive website. Now I don’t know where this ranks in terms of the most expensive website, I could not find that, only reports on the most expensive domain – if anyone has a difinitive list, do respond.

I do however think that this is a pretty cool site – and in my opinion, the best site of the Premier League teams. Throughout the site, the images are really crisp and it’s easy to navigate. You have all of the usual information on there, for example squad details, league tables, upcoming fixtures, but they have incorporated more exciting features such as video highlights of the pre season games, twitter links, links to numerous fan sites, a Flickr gallery, and you are able to drag and drop certain applications so that you can customise your own Man City home page – that is if you are a fan.

The site is only in phase 1 at the moment, there will be up to 5 different language sites in total, currently it is only in English & Arabic. There will also be a one stop check out, where you can buy souvenirs, club merchandise & match tickets, all in one basket. It will be interesting to see when phase 2 is rolled out.

Free video highlights come courtesy of Man City’s partnership with Endemol, and with every other Premier League club charging a subscription to view highlights or even certain interviews, this is a pleasant change. One other refreshing change for a football club website – there are no adverts! Again, the first website of the Premier League teams to do this – well, its not as if they need to make money from this is it??

I’m sure with all of this free material, it will become easier for Manchester City to conquer their target markets both east & west. Premier League ‘big boys’ watch out, there’s a new kid on the block!

The only negative aspects to this site from an SEO point of view are the page titles could probably be improved, and meta data is missing from some pages, especially the home page. There are also some images with no alt tags, and some images could benefit from more descriptive alt tags. I’m sure that these will be corrected in the near future, especially with the launch of ‘phase 2′ of the site.

Well done to Man City, and also to Poke of London – job done!

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