Conversion Marketing

Have you ever wondered what your website visitors did when on your website? Or have you ever thought what the effect would be if you could move a contact form or button to a different part of the page? If you could increase the number of purchases through your website by just a couple of per cent, how much extra revenue would that generate? Conversion marketing will help you understand all of this.

Establishing Goals

Our holistic approach will look at how your website is currently performing. Our expertise We will find out from you exactly what you want your visitors to do – complete an enquiry form, download a pdf, make a purchase.

Heat Maps

Heatmap Screenshot

We will then look at the site’s traffic and the behaviour of users when they are on your site by working with your Google Analytics account, but also running additional software on your site that will show us exactly where everyone clicked whilst on your site.

These heatmaps can give you and us a huge amount of information. As well as showing the most popular pages or buttons that are clicked, you will often find areas of the site that aren’t clickable that have been clicked on.


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You can try to second guess what your website visitors will do, but nothing beats live information. As well as breaking down how your visitors behave, we can also show how different types of traffic interact with your site.

For example, visitors that come from your Pay Per Click adverts may click on different areas of your site than the visitors from your Facebook fan page.

User Testing

Further to this, we can also have certain tasks devised and have people test your site and have them provide their feedback. This can be in the form of surveys, live testing by friends/family or other sources, as well as having feedback sections on your website.

Split Testing

By collating all of this information, we can set up certain goals within Google Analytics, but also recommend subtle changes to your website to try to encourage a conversion. Amazon are one of the leaders in this, and are always making discreet changes to their site to test what does and doesn’t work. By making a change, measuring it, and either implementing it or trying something else, you will certainly increase your conversions. As well as making small changes, we can split test full pages – an example of this would be to have 2 home pages, or 2 different checkout pages, monitor the results, and then implement the best converting version.

By testing how your site performs and turning more of your website visitors into conversions, then your website will become a much better sales tool. As well as increasing your turnover, the results of the testing will also lead to repeat traffic due to the improved process of completing a task on your site.

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