Email Marketing

Carried out correctly, email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising your services, or keeping in contact with your existing clients. By sending out email communications through our platform, you can see how many people open your emails, which emails bounced, and how many recipients clicked a link.

You can sign up to our email marketing service and either design, build & send your own emails, or you can use our in-house designers to build your email for you.

Our experience of building email campaigns for our current clients means that you can draw upon our knowledge of what does and doesn’t work. Simple factors such as the time the email is sent or the subject line of the email can all affect the open rate of your emails.

Reasons to use Email Marketing:

  • To inform customers of special offers
  • To promote new products
  • Use as an internal newsletter for your staff or franchisees
  • Launch competitions & discounts
  • Win back previous customers
  • Attract additional website traffic
  • Increase your social profile

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