Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is exactly that – you pay for clicks to your website. The most popular platform for this is Google Adwords. The other search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing also offer a similar advertising package. You can also have a Facebook marketing campaign set up, where your adverts feature on a set group of profile pages.

The paid adverts on Google, Yahoo! & Bing are the ones at the top of the results pages, or down the right hand side. These ‘paid for’ listings at the top of the page usually have a yellow or pink background.

This form of advertising is an extremely effective way of directing traffic to your website. It is quick, targeted, and fully manageable. You decide how much you are willing to spend per click, how much you want to spend per day, and how and when your adverts are shown.

Here at Mayfly, we offer 2 different PPC services.

Pay Per Click set-up

We will set up your PPC account for you, research the keywords that you should use to trigger your adverts, set your daily/monthly budgets which will be agreed by you, set your cost per click bid, divide your campaigns to target particular products/services, and write your adverts. You will then look after the campaigns yourself.

Pay Per Click Management

If the above isn’t enough, or you do not have time to manage your campaigns, then our PPC management service may suit you more. The bigger the daily/monthly budget that you have for PPC, then the easier it is to waste your money. You need to know exactly which keywords and adverts work, and which don’t, and make decisions quickly to halt any wasted spend.

We can also go further by setting up goals or conversions; this allows us to track what your PPC visitors do when on your site. If the aim of your site is for someone to make a purchase, complete an enquiry form or download something, then we can tell you if your paid for traffic did this.

The Franchise Company has used Mayfly’s website services for 3years and in that time has seen great improvements to the performance of our website in relation to Adwords which has both improved traffic to our site and reduced the amount we were previously spending. The overall service we receive represents excellent value and I would not hesitate to recommend Mayfly to others.

– Ken Rostron, Director, The Franchise Company

As part of our conversion marketing service, we can also design and build specific landing pages for your PPC traffic. Our experience has shown that purpose built pages for PPC traffic normally convert better than the regular pages on your website.

Already have a PPC campaign?


If you already have a Pay Per Click campaign running, and would like us to review it for you, please get in touch. If you are interested in running Paid adverts on Facebook, more details of Facebook advertising is here.

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