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Based in Liverpool, UK – Mayfly provide an SEO service for our clients throughout the world – we are not restricted by geography. To find out more about the service we provide you can visit our SEO Liverpool page by clicking here. You may have some questions about why an SEO service is important for your website, here are some answers.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the process that we undertake to ensure maximum visibility to the search engines.

Search engines such as Google can be thought of as “answer machines”. They want to give their users the best possible answer for any given question asked of them.

When carrying out website optimisation we take into consideration all of the factors that would optimise your website content for the search terms that you would like to be found for in the search result. Doing this gives the search engine a much better understanding of the subject of your website and therefore increases your chance of being presented in a high position within a Search Results Page (SERPS).

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is how the rest of the world see your site. Receiving a recommendation from another website in a related subject to your own is seen as a vote of confidence. Off page SEO is about maximizing these links in a safe and natural manner in a bid to provide users from these linking sites with a useful resource found on your own website. This is called syndication – i.e naturally “earning” links in a viral manner.

So why are 1st page positions important?

When searching for a product/service/information using Google, if the first page of the results do not show the user wanted or expected, more often than not, a different search term or phrase will be used. It is estimated that the 1st position on Google for any particular search will receive between 35-45% of all clicks, with the 2nd result claiming 20% of the clicks. Therefore, results that are on page 2 or 3 are going to get less than 10% of all clicks between them.

SEO for general search terms

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If you want to target visitors from across the country, or even across the globe, your target search terms will be quite broad. When taking on a job like this, we first carry out keyword & market research to define the most popular search terms, which will of course drive the most traffic. With these, we then analyse who is already ranking for these terms, look at their strategies, and work out a campaign to get your site onto the first pages of the results.

Local Optimisation

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The services that you offer may only be available to people in your area. Therefore, you might want to be top of the results for search terms that involve your service + the area, for example, ‘oven cleaning Liverpool’. Local optimisation (local SEO) will involve adding you to Google Places, a service itself which has undergone massive changes in the last 12 months, optimising your listing, but also submitting your business to local directories which will help your site rank better for local searches.

We have been working with Mayfly Internet Marketing for over 3 years now, and the personal service they provide is second to none. As a result of their excellent SEO services, we’ve been able watched our rankings improve month by month and the traffic to our site increase dramatically. We highly recommend them!

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The area of SEO is evolving very quickly. Making changes to your site and building links might not be enough anymore. Factors that we need to look into include the use of Social Media marketing such as having a YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn presence, adding your products to other platforms such as Amazon or Google Shopping, or listing your services on review sites and optimising your local search marketing.

To find out how we can help you further please visit our SEO Liverpool page.

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