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Campus Solutions SEO Case Study

Liverpool SEO Agency client results

This is US client with a small budget that we have managed to improve with a 50% year-on-year increase in organic traffic.

The site had a host of quality and SEO issues, one of which was the lack of helpful, rankworthy content on any topics or keywords that were important to its business. Another was that it contained hundreds of useless, thin content pages that were doing nothing for the site in terms of rankings, links, traffic or conversions.

We performed an SEO content audit whereby the vast majority of the site’s hundreds of pages were culled. We opted to keep a select few of the pages that we felt had some potential if we could significantly improve the quality of their content.

One of the most pleasing results of our work to date was winning the featured snippet and number one position for one of the site’s most important keywords. Previously this high volume, highly competitive keyword was dominated by, including the featured snippet, so it was a nice win for this small brochure site with a fraction of their E-A-T to take this from them!

We also addressed some E-A-T issues which allowed the site’s content to be better trusted by Google and contributed to the results.