Dianne Marshall Banner Social Case Study

Dianne Marshall Social Media Case Study

The challenge we had with Dianne Marshall was building awareness and increasing sales in a competitive market.

As a starting point, we refreshed the social media channels. We did this by updating any profile images, bios, highlights, Facebook page covers, website banners and more. This has an impact on the perception of a brand, so it was important that this was the first step for a client if there is room for improvement.

Our main focus was to promote the products to potential customers and the hair extension training to hairdressers. We did this through organic and paid socials. We targeted key audience demographics for both audiences.

Love Trap

One of the main marketing campaigns we did for Dianne was centred around the Channel 4 show, Love Trap. The women featured in the show had Dianne Hair extensions installed, and we used the 8 weeks of the show to promote Dianne’s hair across social and the website.

We did this through posting content based on the drama that was happening in the show, posting at peak times, paid ads, updating the website with the content from the show and creating a specific promotion for Love Trap watchers. Paid social alone reached almost 30,000 impressions in 3 weeks.

Black Friday

For a business that has a focus on e-commerce, Black Friday is always a top priority. For Black Friday we created a discount campaign that ran across social, email, and the website. This resulted in Dianne Marshall’s best month of the year in sales.

In 3 months, we achieved growth in sales and awareness of the brand, increasing followers and engagement on all social channels. On paid ads alone, we reached 48k impressions to 27k people. For 2 months in a row, they achieved a record number of online sales, with Black Friday being a stand-out campaign sales-wise.