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FunnyBoyz Social Media Case Study

Their main goal was to utilise paid advertising to increase brand awareness in the major cities they had shows in such as Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton and London. One major challenge was the impact that Coronavirus had on the events industry.

When FunnyBoyz came to us for marketing, restrictions were slowly lifting. This gave us an opportunity to build awareness for the business and start promoting their upcoming shows.

Our strategy was to promote the shows that required the most awareness and needed an increase in ticket sales (this varied week on week). We utilised the resources that FunnyBoyz had to create fun and engaging adverts that not only targeted the right audience but spoke to them as well.

One of the more successful campaigns was to a broader audience across the UK to advertise FunnyBoyz upcoming shows. We used video content to catch the audience’s eye.

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We simultaneously ran city-specific adverts, e.g. Liverpool, to target audiences with interests in drag culture and nights out. This helped to grow brand awareness in those cities and increase FunnyBoyz’ overall social following.

Additionally, we created social competitions to win tickets to their shows. This ran mainly on Instagram in order to increase engagement and attendees to shows; specifically, the Cavern show for FunnyBoyz. It was really successful and made a usually quiet Wednesday show one of FunnyBoyz’ busiest nights of the year.

We successfully built FunnyBoyz’ brand awareness across the UK, helping to drive attendance to their shows. We also increased social engagement across Facebook and Instagram. Whilst the main focus was brand awareness, this led to 100s of ticket sales during a 6-month period.

One of the most successful campaigns gained over 7,500 link clicks to the FunnyBoyz Eventbrite page. After just 6 months, we achieved half a million impressions through Facebook and Instagram adverts. Instagram following increased by 19% and Facebook page likes increased by 38%.