Glacial Art

Glacial Art PPC Case Study

A granular approach to keyword research and complementary web design helped Glacial Art boost leads through their website, and establish them as national industry leaders.

Locally based business Glacial Art was seeing great success with their SEO efforts, however, a new website was needed to back this up, alongside a PPC campaign that could instantly give them a return on their investment.

In light of their new website, Mayfly completely overhauled Glacial’s PPC strategy, putting a focus on the extremely niche services that the business provided and assessing how the competition was currently succeeding. We incorporated this competitive research into our new strategy and explored ways to beat the competition on every aspect of their ads.

The restructured PPC campaign contributed to a 375% increase in leads YOY through the website, with Google Ads providing the first touchpoint for customers for over 60% of those enquiries.