Knotweed Help

Knotweed Help PPC Case Study

The PPC campaign supporting the acquisition for Knotweed Help has seen hundreds of valuable leads being generated that have helped Cobleys Solicitors further invest in their marketing efforts.

Cobley Solicitors enlisted Mayfly to create and market a resource-heavy website that could drive valuable leads at a more affordable rate than third-party lead generator businesses. The Japanese knotweed claims niche is highly competitive, so Mayfly were challenged to increase visibility for the site and generate leads, until long-term SEO efforts came to fruition.

Mayfly used in-depth keyword research to identify high-value topics, created content around these terms and then set up a PPC strategy that targeted those long-tail keywords. We were able to lay the groundwork for a successful SEO strategy, whilst improving overall quality on the website and reducing the cost of acquisition in the process.

Knotweed Help successfully broke into the niche and disrupted the Paid rankings. Since launching in 2017, leads generated through PCP have increased by 81% YOY, whilst Costs Per Acquisition have been reduced. As organic rankings are surfacing for many key terms, the budget can now be transitioned to new keywords.