ovenu case study

Ovenu SEO Case Study

Liverpool SEO Agency client results

This well-established company was using many long-outdated SEO tactics, one of which was utilising a network of many, many minisites to rank for each keyword + location combination and link back to the main site.

Each of these minisites had many SEO and duplicate content issues.

We recommended, achieved approval of, and carried out a complete migration of each of this minisites to newly created location pages on the main site. Each of these new location pages was of a far superior quality in Google’s eyes.

We also did the same thing for the company’s separate franchise site, merging it with a new franchise hub on the original site.

This consolidated the link equity from several domains into one and allowed us to focus our SEO efforts on ranking one high-quality website as opposed to several of questionable quality. The results (a 90% year-on-year increase in organic traffic) speak for themselves.

An extremely knowledgeable group who we have dealt with for many years. Clear and concise reporting shows us exactly what’s being done on our behalf and the results being achieved. Well worthy of the 5 stars.

Rik Hellewell, Managing Director, Ovenu