Wall Industries

Wall Industries SEO Case Study

Here is a US-based client in a very niche but very competitive space needing some expert guidance on their SEO strategy. Initially, they had index bloat issues with random thin content pages appearing in the index, this smothered the visibility of the few good quality pages that did exist.

We purged this low-quality content from the index and carried out on-page optimisation for their key money pages, this included thorough keyword research and competitive analysis.

We also ensured that the site followed internal linking SEO best practices, and set about adding helpful, hyper-relevant content to money pages, which previously had very little useful content, thereby hampering their ranking potential.

We also marked these pages up with FAQ Page schema to attain more real estate in the SERP’s as well as click-through rate, and also added these pages to the menu using keyword rich anchor text.

The results have been impressive, and they now rank in 1st position for the keywords below, having previously floated around the lower first page and beyond.

Wall Industries keyword chart
Wall Industries keyword chart
Wall Industries keyword chart