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Franchise SEO

Managing a franchise SEO strategy requires a firm grasp of the fundamentals of SEO and the tools to reproduce those strategies at scale. There are many challenges that face franchise owners attempting to rank businesses across multiple locations, but using proven local SEO tactics can provide a solid foundation on which to build future campaigns.

SEO for Hospitals and Healthcare

SEO (search engine optimisation) for hospitals is the practice of improving visibility for hospitals and healthcare institutions in search engine results pages for specific search terms. More visibility in the search results leads to more traffic to a hospital’s website, and more enquiries for treatments and consultations.

How to Generate Leads with SEO

Combining SEO and lead generation, two different strategies, into one sensible, structured approach can drive significant growth to your business. Increasing the organic traffic to your site and optimising your website for lead generation maximises your potential, creating more quality leads and increasing profit.