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Liam Patton established Mayfly Internet Marketing in 2008 and since then has worked tirelessly to improve the visibility and success of his clients’ companies. Whether it be website design, internet marketing and SEO, social media or Pay Per Click, Mayfly’s team of passionate professionals are eager to assist.

Rather than specialising in just one aspect of internet marketing as so many companies do – forcing businesses to employ multiple companies to run different aspects of their marketing strategy – Mayfly offer a complete package of internet services. From initial advertising ideas through website development and onto marketing and social media, we will dedicate the time and effort necessary to give your business an advantage over your competitors.

Although we are based in Liverpool, location is no issue. We are proud to handle clients from all across the UK, and other countries, including the United States and Australia.

SEO and Inbound Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as the acronym SEO, is a vital part of any business’s online marketing strategy. When a potential customer searches for a desired product or service using a search engine like Google or Bing, they are most likely to click through to websites which are near the top of the page. Through a combination of onsite and offsite factors we can help to push your company high up in the rankings, even if you are a new company or new to online marketing.

It’s easy to get lost when talking about SEO – it’s a huge subject with a lot of conflicting ideas. We are more than happy to talk you through the practical aspects of how we would do SEO for your company. Largely, SEO is split into:

On Page Optimisation: This refers to the use of keywords on your website, usability, quality of content, design and much more. We want to make your website appealing to search engines, and have it be immediately obvious what kind of product or services you offer.

Off-Page Optimisation: By building links and social signals toward your business page and talking about your company and services online, we can direct more potential customers to your website. Neither of these jobs are one-off; they require ongoing thought and dedication.

Inbound marketing encourages potential customers to visit your website. This can be done through blogging, advertising, link sharing, entering directories, high quality content and much more – it is a constantly evolving task which aims to take advantage of the most popular trends on the internet.

Case Study: Glacial Art

Background: An ice sculpting company based in Liverpool, Glacial Art have been incredibly successful since being established in 2006. Aside from their work for weddings and other events, they have sculpted for corporate events with big names such as Jaguar and Gucci, and contributed to ice sculpture festivals around the country and world. They have won several European Ice Sculpting awards and this year were brought in to create an “ice henge” for the immensely popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

Previously: We took over work on Glacial Art from another SEO company that the team weren’t happy with. They found this company to be deliberately confusing and weren’t sure of their methods, but most importantly they weren’t seeing any return on their investment.

Work with Mayfly: When we started working with Glacial Art they simply wanted us to help improve their search rankings. They were so pleased with our work in this area that we now also manage their Google Adwords as well as write blogs for them based on popular search terms.

Results: In just two months they were ranking on the first page of Google for their main keywords, and they are currently at position one for the most searched-for term in the ice sculpting industry. We have also identified other strong keywords for which they hold positions on the first page.

Glacial Art says: "A superb company to work with. They always deliver on time and to a very high standard. They make the jargon heavy world of SEO very easy to understand, always respond to emails or queries and are excellent at SEO, Adwords and Blog writing. The Mayfly team have helped our business achieve so much in the past nine months and we look forward to working with them in the future.”"

Glacial Art
Case Study: Allerton Windows
Inbound Marketing

Background: For over thirty years, Allerton have been providing doors, windows, orangeries and conservatories in Merseyside and throughout the Northwest. Made to order, their energy-saving and durable products have enhanced many a Liverpool home.

Previously: Allerton were initially gaining business through paid leads, which had a relatively low conversion rate when compared with the costs, as well as being an unreliable source of custom.

Work with Mayfly: When Allerton Windows approached Mayfly, their mission was to take a more holistic approach to marketing. First of all, we redesigned their website with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, allowing us to promote them easily. We created and promoted social media profiles on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook where we regularly posted offers and examples of their old work, and we also introduced dropcards to allow customers to leave feedback.

Results: After just two weeks of launching their brand new site they had multiple new enquiries, leading them to many new customers and jobs. Customer reviews have been used to enhance the reputation of the company, and they now receive enquiries from all across the UK for their services.

Allerton Windows says: "Working with Mayfly was a hassle free experience they came to see us, listened to our needs and created our fantastic website. We have had a huge amount of interest and this has generated quite a few new sales for our business. I would definitely recommend Mayfly as their professionalism and helpfulness is second to none."

Allerton Windows
Case Study: Bowland Fell Park
Company branding and web design

Background: Bowland Fell Park are a small holiday home and residential caravan park in Skipton, North Yorkshire. They sell both caravan holiday homes and residential park homes, as well as renting out caravans and luxury barn conversions for holidays.

Previously: Initially working with a local company whom they found to be unresponsive, we took over responsibility of the Bowland Fell Park website when they rebranded.

Work with Mayfly: When Bowland Fell Park was taken over by new owners, they wanted an entire rebrand of the park. One of our more unusual client projects, we were responsible for the park’s signage, photography for use online, physical  park literature and the design of their website.

Results: We saw Bowland Fell Park through every step of their rebranding exercise and now we handle their marketing through Google Adwords, important directory sites like TripAdvisor, caravan sales and search engine marketing. All of this was made easier by the custom website designed with SEO in mind. We have also started working on their sister site in Lytham, Lancashire.

Bowland Fell Park
Web Design

Web Design

Your website will be the most important representation of your company that there is online – so you want it to look good. Whether you need a custom web directory, e-commerce site or a catalogue-style website, we have talented developers who can help. A website is such an important part of any company that we work closely with you to design a website that looks and functions exactly as you want – and of course we do some of our own research.

For a complete internet marketing package, the job starts with website design and builds up. Starting the process here makes on-page optimisation much more powerful in the long run, and it will be much easier to convert web traffic into customers. We can also perform site audits and provide suggestions for improvement on existing websites.

Case Study: Ovenu
Web Design

Background: Established in 1994, Ovenu have grown to be one of the biggest and most successful oven cleaning franchises in the UK and beyond. They have over one hundred fully-trained franchisees just within the UK and have branched out to Australia, Spain, France and the US.

Previously: Ovenu are one of our longest-standing clients, which has given us the opportunity to build their online presence from the ground up.

Work with Mayfly: We have been working with Ovenu for a long time, and take on many aspects of their marketing and web presence. When we looked into their site statistics we found that there was a growing trend of mobile traffic for their sector, making it vitally important that they have a responsive mobile site. Their site also still uses the postcode manager that we arranged and developed for them years ago, helping potential customers to find a nearby technician.

Results: We have seen impressive increases in the number of enquiries and customer engagement as well as significantly lower bounce rates. We’ve also taken over their marketing and helped them to move up in the rankings after being hit by a penalty from Google. We additionally work on the franchise recruitment website.


Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have become increasingly popular, and have shown to be a successful way for certain companies to raise public profile and engage with customers. We aren’t interested in trying to sell you services you don’t need, so we are happy to discuss the needs of your company and find a suitable social media niche through which we can encourage page traffic and customer engagement.

The landscape of social media changed when Google Plus was announced and incorporated into Google’s search engine results page. This has given us a huge opportunity to increase the visibility of your company within search rankings including local results, and must not be over-looked. We can plan a social media strategy for you once we’ve established your goals and resources.

Social Media
Case Study: Highland Heather Lodges
Social Engagements

Background: Highland Heather Lodges are a self-catering accommodation park in Perthshire, Scotland. Their one and two bedroom luxury lodges are a wonderful location from which to explore the Highlands as well as the major cities of Scotland.

Previously: We have been working with Highland Heather Lodges for a very long time now, and have helped them to build a solid reputation and customer base.

Work with Mayfly: We have worked with Highland Heather Lodges for a long time, and our work for them includes many different functions. They have benefited from a mobile responsive site, with mobile traffic in excess of 40%, while a variety of social platforms have been used for promotion.

Results: As well as running their bookings through TripAdvisor, where we handle reputation management, we have also given them a presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as more niche social sites such as Pinterest and the holiday bookings app, AirBnB.

Highland Heather Lodges


Who Needs Us?

If you need a website designing, developing or hosting, we can help. If you need your business to receive more exposure through rankings, our SEO and marketing services can help. If you’re unhappy with your current marketing or SEO plan, we can help to take a different approach and make a real difference. We can also take care of your Pay Per Click accounts, app development, conversion and email marketing as well as onsite writing such as blog posts and website content.

Our clients are a diverse lot, with many different types of businesses requiring specialised marketing plans. We take care of swimming pool designers, holiday parks, entertainment companies, franchises and so many more – each needing a personalised plan. We are also happy to run social media platforms for our clients, tapping into one of the biggest opportunities for online exposure existing today.