Allerton Windows

Allerton Windows PPC Case Study

Strategic location targeting and content creation helped Allerton Windows dominate local searches for their services, pushing competitors down the search results pages and driving a consistent stream of high-quality, affordable leads.

Long-standing clients Allerton Windows wanted to support their ongoing SEO efforts with a targeted PPC campaign that would help improve their visibility on the search results page and apply pressure to competitors who were using PPC to leapfrog the business organic rankings

Mayfly created a location-specific PPC strategy that involved writing high-converting landing pages which could help ads perform better than those currently run by the competition. Each target location was micro-managed tightly, in order to cut down on unnecessary costs and shift the budget to the regions which needed it most.

Mayfly’s PPC strategy contributed to a 47% increase in leads for the business, whilst expanding Allerton Windows reach and helping them to effectively compete against other businesses in those regions.

They listened to our needs and acted upon our preferences quickly and efficiently, they are a very professional company and I would recommend them to any of my friends and business associates. Through their marketing they have increased site traffic and have helped us in converting enquiries to business.

Tony, Allerton Windows

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