ovenu case study

Ovenu Web Design Case Study

Ovenu is a franchise business that spans the globe and comprises the UK’s largest group of cleaning professionals.

This build was our third for the business and had to serve two audiences simultaneously. On the one hand, the website is a touch-point for customers who are looking for an oven cleaner in their area, and on the other, it also attracts attention from those considering investing in the franchise model.

We created a website that lays out the range of services that the business offers for prospective customers, whilst communicating the industry-leading standard by which Ovenu franchisees operate.

We’ve assisted Ovenu in building and promoting their franchise business both in the UK and Australia by utilising our full range of services.

We developed a branch page for each franchisee that links to the main Ovenu service page, in addition to sending out regular email campaigns to touch base with those interested in the brand and using Facebook advertising to generate leads for further expansion.

We’ve worked with Ovenu for over 10 years now and are proud to continue this relationship with one of the UK’s leading franchise businesses.

ovenu casestudy
ovenu mockup