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Singing Waiter Marketing Case Study

Silver Service Singers is a specialist entertainment business selling singing waiter packages for events throughout the UK.

The business had grown tired of their previous agency’s lack of drive and felt that their organic and paid accounts weren’t getting the right level of attention.

Due to the broad appeal and popularity of the singing waiter product, the business was in a unique position of being one of a select few singing waiter specialists in the industry serving events nationwide.

As such the competitive landscape was made up of a handful of national specialists, much bigger, broader entertainment directories, and local one or two-man bands operating within smaller regions.

We were able to assist immediately putting plans in place across all our services: Web Design, SEO, Social Media Ads, and PPC (Google Ads).

During our 3 1/2 years managing these marketing channels we were able to:

  • Support the business through the difficult two years of the COVID pandemic.
  • Deliver thousands of leads a year through all channels.
  • Consistently deliver leads at a competitive cost via Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads.
  • Develop and execute an SEO strategy to expand the business’ visibility for ‘singing waiter’ related keywords across the UK.
  • Assisted in the migration to a new CRM including setting up automations to deliver leads from all channels to the sales team.


  • When we took over management of the Silver Service Singers website, organic traffic did not contribute significantly to leads or sales.
  • Our immediate focus was on the structural and technical aspects of the website, putting a plan in place to ensure that the website performed better than other competitors.
  • Alongside technical work on the website, we developed a long-term content strategy focused on increasing organic visibility for the website across the UK.
  • Silver Service Singers booked out events across the UK each week. Each event presented an opportunity to collect content and data that could feed into a location-based SEO campaign.
  • Working with the client’s team of singers, we were able to collate dozens of videos which we could then use as unique location-specific content to populate location pages.
  • The result of consistent optimisation work on the website was a massive increase in the website’s visibility on search results for location-based queries. Quadrupling the website’s first page rankings.
Silver Service Singers Top Keywords
Silver Service Singers Top Keywords

Web Design

  • When we started to work with the client, the Silver Service Singers website was visually appealing but lacked features and optimisations to deliver a consistent, fast experience for users.
  • Whilst a redesign of the website was unnecessary, we proposed a refactor of the site, rebuilding it with the same assets in order to streamline content delivery, whilst improving page speed and user experience.
  • The refactor gave us the opportunity to create a modular content system to enable the efficient roll-out of high-converting location and service pages at scale.
  • We also created a new conversion-focused landing page template which led to a dramatic increase in conversion rates across all channels.


  • The Google Ads account had been largely untouched for a long period of time, so the first step in the process was to audit and restructure the account.
  • Non-performing ad groups and campaigns targeting top-of-funnel search terms were paused in order to prioritise ad spending on the keywords with the most commercial intent.
  • An element of the campaign was dedicated to keyword discovery. We actively monitored search terms that were triggered by phrase match keywords, creating new landing pages and ad groups focused on those opportunities.
  • Our SEO and PPC team were able to work together here, discovering new locations to target and working with the client to source location-specific content to populate pages.
  • Consistently optimising and tweaking the campaigns resulted in dramatically improved conversion rates; achieving an average conversion rate of 12.5% across all campaigns.
  • Location-based ad groups saw conversion rates of up to 25%, highlighting the effectiveness of the landing page content and design.
  • The clients’ ads consistently beat out competing singing waiter services, and, most importantly, we delivered over 8 thousand leads at an average cost of £16.18 over the course of 3 1/2 years.
SSS Overview 2018-2023
Silver Service Singers Conversion Rate and Cost Per Conversion

Social Media Advertising

  • With the client’s in-house sales team being so busy with phone calls to potential and existing bookings, they required an external team to manage their incoming social enquiries as well as create, run, and manage paid social ads.
  • To generate a large volume of high-quality leads, we ran social ads across Facebook and Instagram, with lead generation being the main objective.
  • As with any Paid Social campaign, the audience targeting needed to be closely matched to our product in order for the ads to successfully convert.
  • Whilst the initial audiences were built out using our intuition based on demographic and interest-based signals – over time were able to build on this with results-based data.
  • Once we were receiving a consistent level of lead data from the ads we were able to carefully select data from successful campaigns, fine-tune audiences, and retarget adverts to warm audiences.
  • Alongside the continual audience refinement, we produced a consistent stream of new ad creatives to prevent ads from going stale.
  • We experimented with a broad range of ad creatives including static testimonial cards, behind-the-scenes content, video testimonials, and live performance.
  • The Social Media team was also able to work with the client to source new video content; feeding back to the SEO team to populate across the website.
  • We also developed a TikTok account, populating the feed with videos some of which have gone viral: with 500,500 views ( & 392,500 views
  • We delivered between 150-300 leads per month for the client every month via Social Media Advertising.
  • They also consistently received between 100-200 messages across Facebook and Instagram per month, with many of these enquiries turning into leads and sales.

Fantastic company for all marketing and advertising. Really strong team, and they can help take your business to the next level. I would highly recommend using Mayfly

Daniel Bartell, Managing Director, Silver Service Singers

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