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As one of Liverpool’s top-rated digital marketing consultants and social media contractors, we have a history of refining and boosting the social media profiles of many businesses from a wide range of industries. From restaurants to law firms, our clients have enjoyed unprecedented leads and conversion rates with our social media advertising consultancy expertise and digital advertising consultancy services.

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  • Facebook

    Billions of people turn to Facebook every day to celebrate their successes, create events and share their interest. Creating a presence on this platform is more than an opportunity to share posts, it's a place for you to deliver a microcosm of your brand experience, call your followers to action and develop meaningful dialogue with your customers.

    We can help you create smart campaigns with strategic goals, so you can turn your Facebook presence into a valuable communication tool built for building, engaging and converting your followers. We'll take the time to understand your business so that we can develop your brand voice and create exciting moments to galvanise your community.

  • Twitter

    Twitter can be a key platform for anyone seeking to establish themselves as an authority in their field, it's a perfect space to make announcements and interact with your community in a fast, informal environment. Your Twitter account has the potential to be a key touchpoint in your customer journey, but it takes time and commitment to build.

    We build snappy, sharp Twitter campaigns that create a stir and get people talking about businesses. Our Twiter management service is geared to further your goals and promote any upcoming events that you might have so that you can keep your followers informed and excited about your next steps. We'll also keep tabs on any trending topics, and be there to strike when the iron is at its hottest.

  • Instagram

    Instagram is a platform that is constantly growing and changing along with its user base. A strategically managed Instagram account can produce real results for business in all kinds of industries and gives you the opportunity to build your brand image whilst clearly communicating your values and USP.

    We've used Instagram to sell products, make connections, broadcast moments and build communities - but no strategy is ever the same. We can make genuinely engaging Instagram content that is optimised for success amongst your own followers and in the discovery feed, so you can build up your follower count and deliver timely messages with strategic value.

  • Pinterest

    Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration for creatives and consumers around the world, but it's a platform that is often overlooked by businesses. Pinterest users are actively looking for new ideas and creativity to fuel their interest - they're constantly seeking new content and can provide a healthy stream of referral traffic.

    By creating eye-catching visuals and developing strategies built around your goal, we'll get your content picked up and shared by Pinners who have the potential to become customers and even brand advocates for your business.

  • LinkedIn

    Linkedin can be used for more than spotting future job opportunities. This business-focused social network has been steadily growing for over a decade, the platform is home to millions of professionals from a full range of industries and demographics, making it a fertile land for any enterprise looking to target decision makers.

    Whether you're looking to boost the reputation of your business, create an online community for your customers, or reach out to key stakeholders in your audience, an effective Linked in strategy can give your business the edge over your competitors, so your foot is the first in the door.

  • YouTube

    YouTube has seen a meteoric rise from the home of novelty videos to an ever-expanding library of content that covers an unimaginable range of fields. Video can speak to your audience in a way that words and images simply can't. Brands can use YouTube as a platform to communicate their authority, support promotions, launch products and broadcast live events.

    We work with experienced videographers to create on-brand, engaging content for a YouTube channel that can become a valuable source of referrals for your business; serving to expand, engage and delight your audience.

Case Studies

There were an estimated 44 million UK social media users in 2018 (two-thirds of the current population) and 3.4 billion users from around the world. Whilst any SEO strategy should be at the core of your digital efforts; to ignore social media is to miss out on a key advertising opportunity for your Liverpool business.

Liverpool’s Social Media Marketing Company

Whether you’re looking to boost sales to your Liverpool brick-and-mortar store or increase brand awareness; our social media consultancy marketing services and management can put you in front of exactly the kind of people that you’re looking to meet. What’s more, if utilised properly, advertising through social media can help you achieve your business goals at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising routes.

Are you looking to attract more traffic to your current website? Are you attempting to expand the reach of your business? Or are you looking to increase conversions?

Contact us today to find out how we can create a social media marketing strategy that is perfectly suited to your brand and tailored to your current goals.

Liverpool expert social media contractors

Should you choose to utilise our reliably impactful social media contractor expertise, you’ll be guided by our uniquely creative and dedicated social media managers. As one of Liverpool’s leading creative web agencies, we’re blessed with true expert social media specialists. Below, we’ve detailed their extensive social media knowledge and experience.

Helen Smith – Social Media Manager

Helen Smith Mayfly, our expert social media manager

Helen has been involved in the marketing industry for over three years. After completing her Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing in 2018, Helen worked as a Digital Marketing Executive for two years at an education technology company. As the company’s first Digital Marketing Executive, Helen helped design and implement a range of successful social media and email marketing campaigns,

Helen is dedicated to providing strategic content that speaks to clients’ target audiences.

Anna Gribbin – Social Media Manager

Anna Gribbin, ,an expert social media manager

Anna joined Mayfly as a Social Media Manager in September 2020.

Anna has worked in social media and marketing for 4 years. Her first step into the industry was through a one-year digital marketing apprenticeship at an award-winning hair salon back in 2016. At the salon, Anna greatly progressed her social media and marketing competencies as she was promoted to Head of Social.

Anna’s role at Mayfly includes running and managing numerous social media accounts, planning content, and running social media ads, including Facebook & Instagram ads.

Liverpool Social Media Success Stories

Social Media Case Studies

Allerton Windows


Strategic location and interest targeting has allowed Allerton Windows to become to go-to company in their field on social media. Promoting new projects consistently brings in a high volume of quality leads, which often go on to be loyal and repeat customers who sing our clients praises via recommendations and reviews to their social circle.

The Brief

Long-standing clients Allerton Windows wanted to increase their online social media presence to build up an audience that they would market and advertise to in order to outcompete competitors and dominate the sector for the North West across all platforms.

What We Did

We created content to post across the key social media platforms including Facebook & Instagram. In addition, Mayfly also utilised niche specific platforms that is complementary to the client, Houzz. Mayfly created a range of social media advertising using location geotargeting to reach prospective clients in the areas that Allerton cover to drive engagements, traffic and leads.

The Results

Mayfly’s social media strategy for Allerton has saw it become a main source for leads and an invaluable channel to the business for finding and securing new customers, experiencing results of 335% increases on monthly year on year averages.

Root Houseplants (During COVID-19)


A reactive and dynamic approach to social media adverts during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed Root to achieve their best performing figures to date.

The Brief

Uncertain of the future weeks to come as the country announced a lockdown, forcing them to close their physical shop which attracts a lot of footfall in the city centre, root decided to follow Mayfly’s advice in utilising social media to combat this and recover any potential losses.

What We Did

Given the circumstances at the time, a lot of companies were pulling away from social media advert spending due to the uncertainty. We decided to flip the situation on its head and get the most out of it. We used the situation to create and target new audience groups i.e. people that couldn’t visit their friends and family to send a thoughtful gift, or those working from home to create their new office environment. In addition to utilising dynamic advertisement creatives and retargeting to coincide with product restocks.

The Results

The groundwork the whole Mayfly team put in the month’s prior including SEO, paid dividends during this time. Whilst others pulled back, there was a larger ad space on social media to take advantage of which resulted in lower costs and a higher quantity of sales for Root. Compared to the weeks prior, purchase volume was up 658%, cost per purchase was down 87% and purchase value had increased by 632%.


“Felt welcomed and assured the Mayfly could help our business from day one. Really easy to work with and results were instant. A pleasure to work with, thank you!” – Lisa, Root house plants

Woolton Carpets (During COVID-19)


The social media advertisements for Woolton have created a steady inflow of valuable customers before and during lockdown, that has helped the company to better plan and prepare for the future whilst securing customers from competitors.

The Brief

Woolton Carpets enlisted Mayfly to manage enquiries, create content and run advertisements when their previous strategy was no longer working for them as they felt they were missing out on opportunities. Mayfly were challenged to grow their customer base in a highly competitive market.

What We Did

Mayfly ran tests on best performing advert creatives and micro-managed these closely in order to cut out unnecessary costs which could be redistributed elsewhere to drive more meaningful results.

Whilst competitors stopped posting in light of the pandemic, Mayfly ensured Woolton had an active social media presence, continued to post and reply to customer enquiries. With the future months to come in mind, we continued to run paid promotions at lower costs, allowing Woolton to secure and obtain customers from competitors, and enabled our client to build up a pipeline of enquiries and work for when the restrictions are lifted.

The Results

Woolton successfully continued to generate enquiries through Facebook and Instagram whilst their showroom remains closed, with their busiest week for leads through social media being during the height of the pandemic.



By taking a quick, reactive social media approach, Cobleys Solicitors have been at the forefront of the latest major UK data breaches.

The Brief

Liverpool-based Cobleys Solicitors wanted to generate consistent, high-value leads related to data breach claims without paying the inflated costs of a third-party lead gen company.

The tightening of Facebook targeting restrictions has made it harder to reach the intended audiences so it is important to use new techniques to keep costs down and bring in quality leads.

What We Did

Mayfly created a sleek, professional website to serve as a hub for the social media traffic advertisement landing page, and then created ads targeting the data breach key companies, interests and locations that would provide the client with the best return on spend.

We also proactively check social media and connect with potential leads, going directly to them is a low-cost alternative rather than waiting from them to come to you via paid for promotions. Mayfly continually monitor the internet and UK companies’ customer service social media profiles for potential data breaches to ensure that we were the first to capitalise on any opportunities for our clients.

The Results

Over 500+ leads were generated through Social Media in the space of a month from March 2020 – April 2020 including website form infills, FB inboxes and LiveChats. We understood that such a fast industry needed similarly agile marketing and have been able to streamline the process of putting our client’s offering in front of those affected by specific data breaches by implementing various communication vehicles so that Cobleys is the first firm that they contact.

Social Media Marketing Agency FAQs

  • What’s included in social media management?

    Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating, publishing, and analysing content you post. In addition, social media management includes engaging and interacting with social media users.

  • What does a social media marketing agency do?

    A social media marketing agency promotes products and services of a company by devising effective social media marketing strategies. These agencies manage a brand's presence on some or all social networking sites while working to get the attention of the maximum audience possible.

  • How much does social media marketing cost?

    Social media marketing services with an agency cost as little as a few hundred pound per month to £10,000+ per month, depending on a number of things such as number of platforms to manage, strategy, what the client wants to achieve, as well as the complexity of campaigns.

  • What should I look for in a social media agency?

    You should look for a social media agency that always has your business goals aligned with your social media plan and be bringing a return on your investment, providing analysis of your growth and the positive effects it has had on your business.

  • Why should you hire a social media agency?

    Hiring a social media agency will make you more money. Social media marketing can be a highly effective way to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences who could be converted to customers, but only if it’s used the right way.

    That’s why it’s better to leave it to the experts and hire a social media marketing agency. You need to have someone who fully understands the technology, terminology and tools and can guide you down the right path.

  • Why should I work with Mayfly social media agency?

    We’re a seasoned agency with over a decade’s experience of helping businesses and brands build their reputation and create valuable relationships with their target audience. Take a look at our case studies to find out how we help our clients.

  • What is different about Mayfly as a social media agency?

    Mayfly takes a pragmatic, data-driven approach to social media to ensure that our clients are best represented on all platforms. We also understand that the success of social media is built in tandem with sound web design, SEO, PPC and other digital marketing efforts.

  • Can you guarantee success on social media?

    Success is different for every business. We’ll send you regular transparent reports that detail how your social media is performing against your wider marketing goals so that you can see the real impact on your business.

  • How often should my business post on social media?

    There’s no magic number when it comes to social media. It’s important to focus on sharing consistent, high-quality content that is built on your business’ objectives. You should be aiming to keep your audience engaged and not overwhelming them with superfluous posts.

  • Which social media platforms should my business be active on?

    The social platform you choose will depend on your business, what audience you are targeting and what platform they frequent. Your choice should be driven by your customer’s needs above all else.

    Facebook is used by a widespread of demographics and offers businesses an opportunity to start conversations with customers and target audiences based on interests.

    Twitter is a useful platform to connect with influencers in your industry, news outlets and journalists. Monitoring trends can allow you to hijack moments and start conversations.

    Linkedin is an essential platform for B2B businesses, especially for business owners looking to broaden their horizons. An active company page can also help to promote your latest news or share insider industry advice.

    Instagram was once closely associated with younger people, but the user base has widened in recent years with more 30-49 year olds jumping onboard the platform. It’s an ideal place to stamp out your brand identity.

  • What metrics do you use and how do you measure ROI on social media?

    Whilst follower count and likes are useful indicators for growth, they’re not a true representation of ROI. Determining your KPIs is crucial to measuring success with social media. Brands looking to build awareness should look to the number of impressions their posts are receiving, whereas revenue-focused campaigns should focus on conversions such as sign-ups, downloads or sales.

  • How do you know what to post on social media?

    Knowing what to post on social media comes from getting to grips with your audience’s interests and behaviour. Experimentation is inevitably needed in order to find out what types of content they interact with and what form their online conversations take. At Mayfly, we take the time to constantly research, test, and improve social media accounts with the new trends and ideas, so that they can remain relevant to your audience.

  • Does social media work for B2B?

    Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of social media is key to making it work for B2B. Setting tangible goals, instead of blindly posting content, drives progress on social platforms. When done properly, social media can connect businesses with key-decision makers, or build valuable relationships with influences from within your industry.

  • How does social media work for B2C business?

    Making social media work for B2C business is about making real connections with your audience on the right platform. By creating the right blend of influential content and monitoring engagement you can convert your followers into customers, and eventually, brand advocates.

  • How does social media impact SEO?

    A strategically implemented social media account can have a positive impact on your overall SEO, as shared content drives links, boosts traffic and sends positive signals to search engines. Successful social profiles can also rank in search engines, giving you more valuable real estate on the results pages.

  • Where is your social media agency located in Liverpool?

    Our social media marketing agency is based on Hope Street in Liverpool, a short walk from Lime Street Station and directly next to the University of Liverpool campus. Should you wish to visit us in our office, we are open five days a week. Give us a call or drop by to start discussing how we can build and manage your social media marketing strategy. Find us at The Annexe, 13 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BQ.

  • Where about in Liverpool do you provide social media marketing services to?

    We provide social media marketing services to businesses in Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area, such as Aigburth, Allerton, Anfield, Belle Vale, Broadgreen, Canning, Childwall, Chinatown, the City Centre, Clubmoor, Croxteth, Dingle, Dovecot, Edge Hill, Everton, Fairfield, Fazakerley, Garston, Gateacre, Gillmoss, Grassendale, Hunt’s Cross, Kensington, Kirkdale, Knotty Ash, Mossley Hill, Netherley, Norris Green, Old Swan, Orrell Park, St Michael’s Hamlet, Sefton Park, Speke, Stoneycroft, Toxteth, Tuebrook, Vauxhall, Walton, Wavertree, West Derby and Woolton.